Overlanding Tips: How to Keep Your Multitool With You When Driving, At Camp, and On Foot

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There's a unique thrill in hitting the road less traveled, forging new paths, and discovering hidden gems in the great outdoors. This incredible journey, when it takes place in a vehicle, is known as overlanding, a fusion of off-roading and camping that brings you face to face with nature's wonders. When it’s just you, your rig, and your equipment, gear management becomes a vital skill. And the tools that allow for more efficient use of space become invaluable. You’ll stumble across some of these as you go (that pot lid that doubles as a plate and a writing surface, for instance) but one already stands out as an indispensable companion—the COMBAR Pro Titanium. This heavy-duty multitool, equipped with a hammer, hatchet, spade, knife, and saw, is the embodiment of versatility and durability, an overlander’s perfect sidekick. 

You don’t bring a COMBAR with you for a specific task, but for any number of the unspecified tasks that could pop up without warning: freeing a stuck tire, cutting rope, hammering a fender back into shape. To get the most out of this tool requires keeping it with you at all times, whether you’re on the road, at camp, or on foot nearby. Keeping it with you means mastering the art of stowing your COMBAR. Without thinking, you need to know where to reach when that tire starts spinning, or the fender gets bent. It needs to be an extension of you. That’s what we explore in this article, the best ways to keep your COMBAR within arm's reach when you’re overlanding. If you're looking for more information on what emergency items should be kept in your overlanding rig, you can read our blog about the 5 essential items to keep in your overlanding emergency kit. 

Below are five places to stash your COMBAR based on five likely scenarios that any overlander will find themself in. (Note: these stash spots apply to any large-format multi tool, if it has a rugged carry case.)

Let’s get to it.

#1 - External Mounting: Attaching the Case to Your Grille Frame

The COMBAR's ingenious design extends beyond its functionality; it also offers creative solutions for storage. One such method involves utilizing the COMBAR's dedicated case to attach it securely to your grille frame. The COMBAR case has multiple attachment points and provides complete protection of both the COMBAR and the vehicle. This technique keeps the COMBAR easily accessible while also freeing up valuable space inside your rig. By making the most of existing fixtures on your vehicle, you're ensuring that this essential tool is conveniently within reach whenever the situation demands. So, the next time you're preparing to set up camp or conquer a daunting trail, rest assured that your trusted COMBAR is right where you need it.

COMBAR case attached to overlanding grille


#2 - Mobility and Versatility: Using the Shoulder Strap to Bring the COMBAR On the Go

Every overlanding enthusiast understands the value of mobility, and the COMBAR's case shoulder strap is here to grant you that freedom. With the durable shoulder strap, it can be effortlessly carried over your shoulder, granting you mobility and quick access. Whether you're scouting for firewood, setting up camp, or tackling unforeseen challenges, the shoulder strap on the COMBAR case transforms the COMBAR into an extension of your adventure-ready self. This hands-free approach allows you to maintain your focus on the journey ahead, knowing that your trusted tool is just a sling away.

#3 - Access at Your Fingertips: Using Your Dashboard for Easy Access

In the world of overlanding, efficiency is key. When navigating tricky terrains, you can't afford to waste time rummaging through your gear. To ensure swift access to your COMBAR, consider using your dashboard as your storage place for the COMBAR. You can keep it here with or without the case, however, we do recommend using the case to protect both the vehicle and the COMBAR. This strategic placement keeps your tool visible, secure, and ready to deploy at a moment's notice. Our alum ambassadors, Egle and Lennart, explain the importance of having the COMBAR within reach in their blog, Overlanding Europe and Africa: Spain to Morocco. With this setup, you're effectively turning your dashboard into a command center, empowering you to react promptly to any challenge that comes your way.

COMBAR on the dashboard of Overlanding Rig


#4 - Concealed Yet Accessible: Storing Your COMBAR under your seats. 

While visibility is important, sometimes discretion is equally vital. Storing your COMBAR under the front seat is an excellent compromise, providing easy access without compromising your vehicle's interior aesthetics. The COMBAR is the perfect tool as you never know when you might need it. You could be half way through your next overlanding trip, and realize you need more firewood and happily realize your multitool is stowed nicely away under your seat. Many overlanding rigs offer ample space beneath the front seats, making it an ideal spot for keeping your COMBAR at the ready while maintaining a neat and uncluttered interior. You can also store the COMBAR under in the cubbies under the doors that many overlanding rigs have near the cockpit / throughout the truck. 

COMBAR under the seat


#5 - Compact Adventures: Storing It in Your Backpack for Day Trips

Overlanding isn't always about week-long expeditions; sometimes, it's about seizing the opportunity for spontaneous day trips. There are various activities that will take you away from your basecamp, such as fishing adventures, hikes, and or the best MTB trail of your life. On such occasions, having your COMBAR close at hand is equally important. By stowing your tool in your backpack, you're ensuring that you're always prepared, whether you're exploring a nearby trail, setting up a picnic, or simply soaking in the beauty of the outdoors. The COMBAR's compact and versatile nature makes it an ideal companion for these short but meaningful adventures.

Along with backpack’s, some Overlanding rigs also have rear ladder bags. These are a great addition to your rig as it can store wood, along with any tools you might need, like the COMBAR. These bags are made from durable material and have multiple pockets and areas to store your gear. As easy as they attach to your rear ladder, they can easily be taken off an used as a bag on the go! 

COMBAR in a backpacking hanging from the Overlanding Rig


Conclusion: Keep It At Arms Reach, Elevate Your Overlanding

As the dust settles on our exploration of COMBAR storage solutions, one thing becomes abundantly clear: overlanding is a lifestyle that demands preparedness, adaptability, and innovation. The COMBAR epitomizes these qualities, and by mastering its storage techniques, you're taking your overlanding journey to the next level. From grille frame attachments to front seat concealment, from dash-mounted convenience to on-the-go shoulder straps – each method brings its own unique benefits to the table.

So, fellow adventurers, embrace these insights and let them become part of your overlanding toolkit. Share these tips with your community, spread the wisdom, and inspire others to elevate their overlanding game. The COMBAR isn't just a tool; it's a symbol of your readiness to face the unknown. It's a reminder that, no matter where the journey takes you, you're equipped not just with a multitool, but with a mindset of resilience and exploration.

Now, armed with the knowledge of efficient COMBAR storage, venture forth, conquer new horizons, and let the spirit of overlanding guide you through every twist and turn of the road less traveled. 


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