COMBAR Series – Press Kit

COMBAR Series of Tools, by ACLIM8

November 2021.


The COMBAR series of tools are first-of-their-kind large-format multi-tools, combining multiple essential outdoor tools into easy to use, easy to stow, always-by-your-side form factors. The original COMBAR Titanium and the new COMBAR FoldaXe, give adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, first responders, and special forces the confidence and trust to acclimate to outdoor challenges.


The original COMBAR™ Titanium was born out of our founders’ personal needs as adventurers and Israeli Special Forces servicemembers where they served for over 20 years. They were looking for one tool that could be easily carried and would give them the ability to deal with whatever they would encounter. None of the tools on the market met our founders’ standards.


They combed through patents from the past 100 years, and indeed were surprised to find many inventors who’d talked about the need and even patented a few tools, but none that had turned their solutions into real products.


In 2014, they focused on developing the tool that they wanted, at an uncompromised level of design, materials, and functionality. They set up ACLIM8™, raised capital and recruited for the project a team of expert adventurers, engineers, metallurgists, industrial designers, graphic designers, and artists.


After three years of research, experimentation and ten generations of prototypes, ACLIM8™ created an entirely new category in large-format multitools. COMBAR™ was born as the high-quality tool for adventurers. In April 2018, ACLIM8™ unveiled the COMBAR™ to the world via Kickstarter, and struck a chord. People who shared the ACLIM8™ vision and values ordered hundreds of COMBAR’s and thousands of accessories. All COMBARs were shipped in 2019, without a single return, making it an unblemished successful launch.


The next two years were spent in the transition from product design to mass production. This included vendor selection, QC, assembly lines and user experience testing. Immediately, we began to get contacts from military units, law enforcement agencies, and Search and Rescue forces from around the world who are currently testing the COMBAR™ as an essential part of the kit for their teams.


The COMBAR™ is proudly made in Israel. True, it is priced at a premium, because there is no way to create a high-quality, fully-functional, uncompromisingly-rugged tool otherwise. We know that like us, there are other adventurers in the world for whom elite gear is priceless.


In late 2021, ACLIM8 launched their second tool in the COMBAR series: The COMBAR FoldaXe. A streamlined, lighter-weight brother to the COMBAR Titanium, the FoldaXe features ACLIM8's signature attention to design, materials selection, and rugged performance. It provides adventurers with a folding axe, hammer, and textured handle with room for stowing the knife and folding saw that come in ACLIM8's Pro Kit.


The COMBAR™ Titanium and COMBAR™ FoldaXe are designed for outdoor adventures including: off-roading & overlanding, adventure motorbiking, camping, fishing, hunting, backpacking, and bushcrafting, as well as emergency preparedness and survival.


Versatile and rugged, COMBAR™ series offers the following features:


  • High end materials:
    • Titanium
    • Aircraft-grade aluminum
    • Stainless steel and glass-reinforced nylon
  • Safety: State-of-the-art safety mechanisms for your protection
  • Weight Savings: The complete COMBAR Titanium Pro weighs only 1.5 kilos/3.3 lbs
  • Ergonomics: Feels even better than it looks with balanced weight for extended use
  • Durability: Put through hundreds of field tests in extreme conditions
  • A 25-year warranty: Provides decades of use
  • A Red Dot design award-winning background: “Combines sophisticated ideas for sensible use in nature with optimum handling” - Red Dot


For more info, visit:

For high-res images: ACLIM8 IMAGES

For video: ACLIM8 VIDEO



Made with aircraft aluminum, titanium & stainless steel


Thorough & complete safety mechanism


A toolset that weighs just 1.45 kg / 3.2 lbs


Feels even better than it looks with balanced weight for extended use


Even after hundreds of rigorous field tests in extreme conditions


A buy-it-for-life tool that outlasts decades of use


Customize your outdoor tool using COMBAR’s magazine

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