COMBAR: Anytime, Anywhere.

In 2014, we decided to focus on developing the tool that we wanted at an uncompromised level of design, materials, and functionality.
We set up a team of expert adventurers, engineers, metallurgists, industrial designers, graphic designers, and artists.
After three years of research, experimentation, and ten generations of prototypes, we created an entirely new category in pioneering. COMBAR was born.
In April 2018, we launched the COMBAR to the world. Consumers could pre-order the tool via a Kickstarter campaign.
More people who shared our vision and values ordered hundreds of COMBARs and thousands of accessories costing approximately $250K. All COMBARs were shipped in 2019, without a single return, making it a complete success.

We know that, like us, there are other adventurers in the world for whom elite gear is priceless.

The COMBAR was born out of our personal needs as adventurers and former Israeli Special Forces. We searched for the one tool that could easily be carried and would give us the confidence to deal with whatever comes our way. There were different types of tools on the market but none that met our standards. We went through patents from the last 100 years and found many inventors who had talked about the same needs we had and even patented a few tools, but none had ever turned into real products. When it comes to excellence, we at ACLIM8 demand the best.

The Founders

Yaniv Bar
Udi Cohen

We know that, like us, there are other adventurers in the world for whom elite gear is priceless.


Modern and Minimal.

We know that when you are out in nature, you not only demand the best and most useful tools, but you also want the most reliable ones that are durable, compact, and lightweight. The 5-in-1 ACLIM8 COMBAR hones in on the modern while focusing on the minimal, providing the most extensive design when it comes to an adventurer tool.