ACLIM8 Ambassadors

ACLIM8 ambassadors are dedicated outdoor recreationists who bring a DIY bent to their pursuits. At any given time you might catch them overlanding through remote terrain, chasing trout, hunting elk, or cooking a hearty camp meal with their family. But chances are you won’t catch them at all (except online) because they stay on the move, with their ACLIM8 gear in tow at all times.

Interested in joining forces? Apply below.

Matt Walker
Climber, Mountain Guide

Traveling with a kit that supports self-contained travel and assures the ability to problem solve is paramount in how I approach adventure. The challenge lay in making sure that the gear is durable, applicable and high-functioning – always looking to strike a balance between not enough (going lightweight) and not too much (too weighted down).

Kelly Varney
Overlander, Outdoorsman

Overlanding is ever evolving and the gear is no different, and I am a gear nerd. Currently I am using multiple tools that I can see the ACLIM8 replacing. Overlanding is also about maximizing storage space and saving weight without sacrificing function and comfort. I am truly hoping through extensive testing that the ACLIM8 can replace each of these tools.

Drew Baker
Photographer, Hunter & Fisherman

I think ACLIM8 will enhance my adventures with its high quality and dependable gear. As well as being compact for those backcountry trips. I value space saving gear that can get the job done, especially when it comes to loading up the UTV for a long camping trip or a multi-state hunting trip. Space, durability and utility are very important to me.