Udi Cohen

If I had to choose only two words to describe who I am, they would be “practical dreamer.” For years, friends and business associates have been coming to me for help in realizing their dreams because they know that I am practical, methodical, and simply know how to make things happen by combining strategy, mentoring, and superior execution.

I served my country as a special forces officer.

As a co-founder of ACLIM8, which developed the revolutionary COMBAR, I have submerged myself in an extensive and varied entrepreneurial experience with a rich toolbox (from concept, through development and production, branding, up to product launch, and go-to-market strategies).

As a family man, I find the simple things in life make me happy. I like to design and build things, walk barefoot in the grass, read, discover new technologies, play sports, and encourage self-development.

My mission is to enable entrepreneurs and business owners to manifest their dreams and live the life they want.

I put my heart and soul into my work and strive for excellence because it is rooted in my personality.