Being outdoors forces you to live in the moment. Your focus narrows, you savor and absorb the surrounding beauty. You push a little more easily past the obstacles that are all inevitably part of the experience.

But preparation for the trip is key. You need to be able to reduce yourself to the very basics. Less is more. And that includes what you carry. If it doesn’t have a proven, daily purpose it does not go in the pack.

Get your Combar

Conceived on a hiking trip, making the most of your time outdoors is exactly what the Combar Pro was designed for. Our product is for people who understand the value of bushcraft and with the ability or desire to get their hands dirty and do it themselves.

We created accessories that will help make the Combar Pro an integral part of your pack. Whether you prefer to carry the Combar on your hip or on your pack, we have well designed options for you.