Off Road

If your adventures take you deep into the backcountry, you will need the tools, parts and knowledge to perform common repairs as well as ensuring you have the right gear for the fun parts – like setting up camp.

Your equipment list has to be well thought through. The best tools are almost always a combination of innovation; thoughtful engineering and quality craftsmanship. And it is a bonus if the tool doesn’t add considerable weight to a roof rack or take up too much space in your vehicle.

Get your Combar

The Combar Pro is unique. There is no other heavy-duty multi-tool like it. 5 key bushcraft tools have been combined in an easy to carry form that is stylish and innovative. And because it is designed for field carry, it is both military grade and light weight.

The Combar Pro has a soft case that can be mounted in your vehicle for easy access or if you prefer two wheels, the case can be strapped to your pack using molle strips.