Instant gratification and hunting do not go together. Patience and focus are key. You sit in a blind for days. You climb, walk, slide, crawl across difficult terrain. You face heat, humidity, thirst, cold or hunger. Nothing else can matter except the prey you are after.

Knowing your gear is simply the best it can be means no distractions when the prey is in range. Your work and patience have paid off and you can finally take that shot.

Get your Combar

The Combar Pro was designed for the field. It is the perfect companion for days and nights spent in tireless pursuit. The 5 key tools in a compact, durable and lightweight package means you can keep your focus on the task in hand.

Our holster is designed to complement the experience. The field tested thermoplastic holster is specially designed for the Combar. And we have multiple attachments to customize how you carry the Combar.