Our love of the outdoors is the starting point for everything.

We are Aclim8, and we are here to revolutionize how you experience the outdoors. We design and develop products and solutions that empower people to thrive in the great outdoors.  We are a team of hard-core adventurers, entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers, metallurgists, industrial designers, and artists. Our passion is to bring you game-changing solutions that offer unprecedented functionality, durability, and innovation, and which empower you to enjoy every adventure to its fullest. 

Our vision is to revolutionize how people engage with the outdoors and let them enjoy every adventure to the fullest. We bring a deep understanding of what you need when going out to engage with nature – having served as officers in the elite units of the Israeli Defense Force and going regularly on new and challenging expeditions around the world. We are driven to solve any challenge that comes our way.
We believe that there is no such thing as impossible and with unwavering determination we don’t rest until we find the solution. Where others give up – is where we find our inspiration to innovate.  We approach every new challenge and goal by first diving into the deepest and broadest research – to fully understand the need, eco-system, and to uncover the optimal solution. We leave no stone unturned and are always motivated by the human connections that make breakthroughs possible.