The COMBAR Is in Overland Expo’s Ultimate Overlanding Motorcycle Build

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An fully-kitted ADV motorcycle parked at an outdoor exposition

Over the past ten years, Flagstaff, Arizona has played host to the annual Overland Expo - WEST. This multi-event trade show brings overlanding’s best-of-the-best to Fort Tuthill County Park, from newly released gear and off-road must-haves, to insane custom overlanding rigs. This year (2022) the event took place over the span of three (very windy) days, June 20-22, and it was the second straight year OEX has used the event to unveil their Ultimate Overland Motorcycle Build. This epic ADV build-out featured gear from moto overlanding’s best brands, including the COMBAR Pro Titanium. Here we overview the build, and unpack why OEX included the COMBAR—motorcycle overlanders’ perfect multitool.

Combining the all-day comfort of an adventure bike with the off-road focus of a dual-sport, the Yamaha’s Ténéré 700—or “T7”—isn't just a beautiful bike; it’s a hardcore means of transportation and one of the most qualified off-road adventure motorcycles on the market. 

For this impressive trail-faring build that includes the toughest gear for going off grid, the COMBAR™  Pro Titanium was added as an essential tool. It’s ideal for long-distance adventure travel due to its extremely durable construction and heavy-duty materials that stand up to the rigors of the road (or lack thereof). Below we dive into why the  COMBAR™  Pro Titanium was chosen for the off-road-focused loadout on this rugged T7.

A COMBAR multitool is strapped to an ADV motorcycle

It’s compact.   

When you’re overlanding via 4-wheels, space is already at a minimum. On a bike — even more so. You have to make sure that you’re carrying only the essentials. Taking an ax, a shovel, a saw, and a hammer isn’t practical when you’re already strapped for space. So a multitool that can do all of the above in less space than a rolled-up newspaper makes it a must-have piece of equipment. Its lightweight construction and compact size offer an optimal balance across a wide range of outdoor uses. Whether stored in a pannier or strapped to your ADV’s side, the COMBAR™ will quickly become the must-pack tool you reach for on the road. 

Close-up of rear wheel of an ADV motorcycle with a sticker that reads "Send It"

It's versatile. 

The COMBAR™  Pro Titanium is designed with five features that make it the ideal multi-tool for your highly-kitted ADV loadout: 

  • Hatchet

A heavy, full-size ax is overkill for most overlanders who only need a big enough hatchet blade for tasks like gathering campfire kindling or clearing branches on the road. Unfolded, the hatchet is a 5-inch-by-2.5-inch head with a sharp-as-a-razor stainless steel blade that wields enough power to conquer any necessary tasks. 

  • Spade

If you're overlanding, there will likely come a time when you'll find yourself digging in hard soil, snow, or sand. And because getting unstuck is far from the highlight of our time on the road, we like to get it done as fast as possible. Made of solid titanium, our spade won’t get damaged when it hits an unseen rock. It’s efficient, too—deployable from its stowed position in a matter of seconds. And thanks to the length of its handle, the trowel is perfect for digging around tires. 

  • Hammer

Whether you're setting up camp for the night or doing much-needed repairs, COMBAR™ 's hammer pad is designed to get the job done quickly. Made of hardened stainless steel, the pattern on the hammer allows traction and friction for various overlanding-specific tasks.

  • Knife

One of our most repeatedly used tools on the road is an essential piece to our everyday carry and our ADV loadout: the COMBAR’s Survival Knife. Its full-tang blade is made of 420HC hardened stainless steel and built to complement the other COMBAR™ tools by fitting snugly inside the hollow shaft. 

  • Saw

A saw is often overlooked in favor of the ax when choosing one or the other, especially when space is limited on your ADV. But it shouldn't be. Boasting a standard 10-inch reciprocating saw blade, long enough to deal with extra-thick branches, small logs, and brushes, the high-carbon steel blade is known for its superior overlanding-specific capabilities.

A close-up of the front suspension of an ADV motorcycle

It’s easy to store.

Taking care of your gear ensures it lasts for years to come, and having a tool-specific location to store and protect it while on the road is essential. Whether it’s the case, the holster, or a custom storage system (we know you overlanders love customizing things) you can protect your multitool when it’s not in use, and protect it from the elements. Let's break down these storage types:

  • The COMBAR™ case is built to carry your COMBAR™ on your backpack or mount it to your ATV or ADV while keeping it safe from any of the rough elements you might encounter on the road. 

  • And finally, the COMBAR™ holster. Made of highly durable molded polymer and designed to help carry your multitool on a belt or backpack, it's incredibly useful for moments when you need immediate usage of your COMBAR™.

    A phone mount attached to the handle bars of an ADV motorcycle

    It’s rugged.

    If you crash, encounter a rocky trail, or face a flooded road, the COMBAR is the last thing you need to worry about. With its uncompromising selection of materials — 6AL-4V Titanium, hard-anodized aluminum, and 420J2 stainless steel—the COMBAR™  Pro Titanium is expertly crafted to take on anything your overlanding adventure throws at it. We’ve torture tested the COMBAR in sand, gravel, water, mud—you name it. The body constitutes a high-end glass-reinforced polymer and an over-molded head for the strongest, safest head & shaft connection. Housing essential tools into one sturdy unit that can outperform any overlanding task, the COMBAR™ shaft is virtually unbreakable.  

    A COMBAR multitool is strapped to a pack on an ADV motorcycle

    There you have it, some of the reasons why the COMBAR™  Pro Titanium is an essential piece of Overlanding Expo’s Ultimate Overland Motorcycle Build. If you want to check out the entire build and all of the off-road-specific upgrades added to it, you can see that here

    Want to see this build in person? The Ultimate Overland Motorcycle will be making its rounds at all four of 2022’s Overland Expo events, so grab tickets to the next event near you. Once it’s finished its tour, the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle will be auctioned off on Bring a Trailer, with 100% of proceeds going to the Overland Expo Foundation charity.

    The "Ultimate Overland Build" logo on the gas tank of an ADV motorcycle

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