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Search and rescue (SAR) operations require specialized tools and equipment for first responders. They demand the highest quality and most durable gear available because gear quality may be the difference between life and death. The tactical rescue tools and equipment usually depend on where the operation occurs, which defines the search and rescue type.

The SAR operations types:

  • Mountain rescue.

  • Ground search and rescue.

  • Urban search and rescue in cities.

  • Combat search and rescue on the battlefield.

  • Air-sea rescue over water.

COMBAR PRO, designed as an elite tool for outdoor recreation activities, was soon adopted as a rescue tool by the IDF National Rescue Unit. This unit is a highly skilled force trained to execute unique search and rescue operations in Israel and abroad. The troops are sent on assignments worldwide to remote wilderness locations or urban places following a natural disaster to search for and rescue people.


Survival and Rescue Ultimate Tactical Tool

When you delve into COMBAR's features, you begin to understand why they adopted it: It combines everything a person needs to survive in the wilderness and the forest. It has a folding axe, a saw, a survival knife, a hammer, and a shovel. All those features appear perfect for mountain rescue operations, often in rugged and mountainous terrain. But the IDF SAR unit mainly completes urban search and rescue (US&R or USAR) missions. This kind of mission involves locating and rescuing people under collapsed buildings or other urban and industrial entrapments and requires more tactical rescue tools. So, although the COMBAR is more a wilderness tool than an urban one, the IDF SAR unit found it very useful. "This is especially true for initial intervention before the rest of the heavy equipment arrives at the disaster site," says IDF National Rescue Unit Commander.

COMBAR ACLIM8 search and rescue tool gear

Combat Search and Rescue

Another type of rescue mission where COMBAR PRO can be handy is CSAR, combat search and rescue operations carried out during war within combat zones. Those kinds of assignments are precarious and need to be completed quickly, and the teams must move fast. They can't carry much equipment, but they must have the essential tools for rescue and tools that will help them camouflage and hide from the enemy. "In fact," says Udi Cohen, ACLIM8 co-founder, and CEO, "today, it is not only search and rescue units interested in COMBAR. Several special units from Israel, the United States, Europe, and Australia are evaluating the COMBAR as a personal tool for survival and constructing sniper hides."

Why IDF SAR unit choose COMBAR PRO? 

Before the IDF SAR unit chose COMBAR PRO as their first responding tool, they tested and evaluated it since 2019. Different parameters were tested in a series of experiments, and many people experimented with the COMBAR and expressed their opinions. There were also tests of functionality in extreme situations. COMBAR PRO includes most of the tools they have separately in every on-duty soldier vehicle 24/7. So, now the IDF SAR unit replaced almost all of them with one. Finally, because the civilian COMBAR PRO is of a very high standard, they adopted it. They just asked to change the color to orange.

ACLIM8 COMBAR search and rescue tool gear

Beyond outdoor adventures

ACLIM8 team is proud that COMBAR PRO is being used to save lives. They were not surprised when government agencies and non-profit search and rescue teams became interested in COMBAR PRO. "From the very beginning, our customers told us they are using their tools beyond outdoor adventures. We heard about forest rangers, park rangers, and other SAR volunteers that use the COMBAR PRO for day-by-day work. For example, when they called to find hikers or backpackers who went missing, the COMBAR PRO helps the forest rangers fighting for every inch of the challenging terrain."

Combar Pro search and rescue tool

Surprising role: nautical emergency tool

The most surprising feedback ACLIM8 received was from an early customer. "A US Coast Guard Auxiliary member who uses the COMBAR PRO as a nautical emergency tool on boats."

But, they all agree at ACLIM8 that the most exciting testimonial was from another customer. He was an avid outdoorsman who owned many knives and axes but bought the COMBAR for an "apocalyptic scene," as he said. On the 30th of December 2020, one day before New Year's Eve, he and his family were with friends in a cabin that caught fire between the chimney wall and the wooden floor. He used the COMBAR ax to chop and open the wall to extinguish the fire. Next, they tried to use an enormous ax for the remaining burning plywood, but it was tough to reach, so they used the COMBAR again to chop the plywood and beams. "We wish," the ACLIM8 team says, "that the COMBAR would serve our customers only to enjoy and adventure in the outdoors. But, we are delighted to know it also will bring them back home in case of emergency."

The COMBAR™ is an elite adventurer tool that developed based on extensive field research and experience. It has a wide range of uses in every adventure. It combines the five essential elements: knife, saw, hammer, axe, and spade in one compact, durable, and easy to carry unit.

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