5 Ways to Mount Your COMBAR on Your Dirt Bike or ADV Motorcycle

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Carrying the right tools while dirt biking or ADVing is crucial for safety and preparedness, and a versatile multi-tool like the COMBAR Pro is a must-have. However, space is limited on a dirt bike or ADV motorcycle, requiring creative gear mounting solutions. Your multitool especially, should be packed in a way that allows maneuverability on tight trails, stays attached on rough roads, and remains easily accessible for immediate use. In this article, we explore five effective methods for mounting your COMBAR on your dirt bike, considering factors like accessibility, convenience, and space optimization. Whether you’re venturing out for a day ride or a week-long backcountry tour, we have you covered. Let's dive in and find the ideal mounting option for your COMBAR.


1. Tie It Down Using Molle Straps (with or without the COMBAR case)

Molle straps offer a versatile and secure mounting solution for your COMBAR. These mini bungee cords, or adjustable fastening straps come in many shapes and sizes. Many dirt bike riders opt for a tactical-style case with Molle attachment points, like the COMBAR™ CASE. The COMBAR Case is designed with versatility in mind, so it's compatible with Molle straps. This compatibility provides users with a convenient and customizable carrying solution for their essential tools and equipment. These cases can be attached to various locations on your bike, such as the front fork, rear rack, handlebars or saddle bags. Simply thread the Molle straps through the case loops and secure them tightly to the desired location. If you prefer a more minimalist approach, you can tie the COMBAR down directly (no case) using Molle straps to secure it to your bike.

Combar attached to side of an ADV motorcycle

2. Tie It to Your Handlebars 

Mounting the COMBAR directly on your handlebars ensures quick and easy access to this essential tool, this can also allow for more space in your bags. Use durable and adjustable straps to secure the COMBAR to the handlebars, ensuring a snug fit. Additionally, this mounting position is a convenient choice for easy accessibility. If you anticipate doing a lot of trail clearing or quick repairs, this method is a useful option. 

Combar strapped to the handle bar of a dirt bike

3. Stash It Inside Your Panniers

If you have panniers or saddlebags on your dirt bike or ADV motorcycle, utilizing the available storage space is an excellent option to keep your COMBAR safe and protected. Saddlebags make it easy—just find a bag with enough space and slide it in. Ensure proper organization within the pannier to prevent damage or scratches to your COMBAR, and consider using additional padding or a dedicated tool roll for added protection, if you’re not using the COMBAR Case. We recommend placing it near the top of the pannier, so it’s easily accessible when needed. This method, panniers and saddlebag storage, is ideal for riders who prefer to keep their bikes clutter-free and value the added protection of enclosed storage compartments.

Combar in the dirt bike panniers

4. Wrap It In Your Other Gear

For riders seeking a space-efficient solution, integrating the COMBAR with other gear items can be a smart approach. One effective method is to wrap the COMBAR within a lightweight sleeping pad or a similar flexible gear item. If you’re going to roll anything up and tie it to your bike’s saddle, you can probably roll the COMBAR up inside it. Secure your bundle using compression straps or bungee cords and attach it to the designated mounting points on your bike, such as the rear rack or frame. This method optimizes space utilization while still ensuring easy access to your COMBAR, along with giving your COMBAR a padded case during those bumpy off-road rides!

Combar wrapped in a sleeping pad

5. Carry It In Your Backpack

Carrying the COMBAR in your backpack is a reliable option, especially if you prefer to have all your essential tools and gear in one place. Place the COMBAR in a dedicated pocket or sleeve inside your backpack, ensuring it is well-protected, won’t fall out, and won't cause discomfort during your ride. Additionally, consider the weight distribution within your backpack to maintain balance and comfort while riding.

Combar attached to a backpack


CONCLUSION: Just Don’t Leave It At Home

There’s no one right way to mount your COMBAR to your motorcycle. You can strap it just about anywhere. How technical you want to be with your method of carry is completely up to you. But however you mount it—whether you choose to use molle straps, tie it to your handlebars, store it in your panniers, wrap it with other gear, or keep it in your backpack—having your COMBAR secured on your dirt bike or ADV motorcycle is essential to ensure accessibility and convenience during your off-road adventures. Consider your personal preferences, riding style, and how likely you are to be reaching for your COMBAR repeatedly. And for the sake of all things holy, don’t leave it sitting on your truck’s dashboard at the trailhead. It won’t do anyone any good, there.


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