Our love of the outdoors is the starting point for everything.

We formed Aclim8 to be dedicated to creating innovative outdoor solutions for the adventurous. We want to provide enthusiasts with exactly what is needed as they adventure outdoors. Our experience from operating in Israeli special-forces units means that Aclim8 has a culture of dedication and focus that drives us to deliver at the highest levels. Our first product is the Combar and we already working to expand the Combar platform as well as introducing new products.

In the same way that generating electric current requires a positive and a negative, great teams need skills which complement each other. In that respect it is easy to see why the founders of Aclim8, Udi and Yaniv work so well together and have formed such a creative partnership. Not ignoring their joint deep-planning approach, the balance of Udi’s ‘outside the box’ thinking with Yaniv’s logical and linear approach set the framework for how they brought the Combar to life.
While the founders, Yaniv and Udi, are very different, they have a common set of shared values which underpin everything they do – in and out of Aclim8 - starting with a focus on the highest standards without compromise. They believe that driving innovation starts with a belief that there is no such thing as impossible. To get to your stated goal, you need deep research and evidence based decision making, obsessive focus on details and the drive and passion to keep on going straight past any obstacles.